Remarks on Hysteria (Brussels) : 26th February 1977: Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on February 26, 1977

Jacques Lacan is speaking in Brussels, in February 1977.

The unpublished text of this conference was transcribed by J. Cornet at the beginning of his own notes and more faithful manuscript notes like those of I. Gilson.

Translated into English:

Title: Remarks on Hysteria

1) Translated by Jack W. Stone.

Published by M.I.T.: University of Missouri: here

Available here  or Remarks on Hysteria (1977).

& also at   /lacan  

2)  Also see Richard G. Klein’s website,, Jack W. Stone’s translation available here

Published in French:

Title: 1977-02-26 Propos sur l’hysterie

Published in Quarto (Belgian Supplement to La lettre mensuelle de l’École de la cause freudienne): 1981: n° 2.

e-publication: by here  or here

Access to references

P1 n1 : J. Lacan, seminar of March 8, 1977, transcription in Ornicar ?, 16, p. 13.

See Seminar XXIV : ‘L’insu que sait de l’une-bévue s’aile à mourre’ : 1976-1977 : begins 16th November 1976 : Jacques Lacan or here for information & publication in translation.


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