MIT Lecture on Topology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology : 2nd December 1975 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on December 2, 1975

This Text is part of the Conferences and Conversations in North American Universities.

Title:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, December 2, 1975

Published by University of Missouri, M. I. T.: here

Translated by Jack W. Stone

Available here

NOW available at  /lacan         

An edited version is now available p31 to 38 of The Lacanian Review , Issue 05 : July 2018 : Translated by Jack W Stone & Russell Grigg : Retitled, ‘MIT lecture on Topology’

Published in French:

Title: 1975-12-02, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Scilicet n° 6/7, 1975, p53-63

Now published electronically at ‘pas tout Lacan’ here

Available here

OR in French & English

Translations by {i} Jack W. Stone {ii} Jack W. Stone with Russell Grigg

Published at Richard G. Klein’s site,, availablehere


Opening : Linguistics is that by which psychoanalysis could hook on to science. But psychoanalysis is not a science; it is a practice.

Topology p5

Questions to Roman Jacobsen p11

Lacan on the blackboard p12

Question of Mr Quine, The aim (but) of analysis is to un-make the knot? p13 : ‘One could advance that if Freud demonstrates something, it is that sexuality makes a hole, but the human being hasn’t the least idea what this is. A woman presents herself for the man by a symptom; a woman is a symptom for the man. ‘

The Soul p13 : For quote see The Unconscious Testifies to a Real of Its Own : 15th January 2019 : Yves Vanderveken or here

Do the knots have three dimensions? P14

Question of Mr. Quine: solid models give us an idea of the third dimension. It is only vision that misses it. P14

Impromptu on Analytic Discourse p15

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