Yale University: 25th November 1975: Law School Auditorium: Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on November 25, 1975

This Text is part of the Conferences and Conversations in North American Universities.

iii. Yale University: 25th November 1975: Law School Auditorium

Translated by Jack W. Stone

Published by University of Missouri, M. I. T.: here

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A further translation

This is probably the text which is retranslated as

Yale University: Lecture on the Body : Jacques Lacan : translated by Adrian Price & Russell Grigg : Published Culture/Clinic : Issue 1 : May 2013

Published in French:

Title: 1975-11-25, Yale University – Law School Auditorium

Scilicet n° 6/7, 1975, p38-41


Published at ‘pas tout Lacan’ here

Available here

OR in French & English

Translations by i) Jack W. Stone & ii) Adrian Price & Russell Grigg

Published bilingual at  www.Freud2Lacan.com  /Lacan (39. Lacan: Seminar at Yale: November 25, 1975)


Yale University: Lecture on the Body : Jacques Lacan, Translated by Russell Grigg from Scilicet 6/7 (1976): p38-41, Published Culture/Clinic : Issue 1 : May 2013, republished in The Lacanian Review No 12, June 2022, p69-72.

Introduction by Janet Haney :

Lacan’s third journey to the USA began with his talks at Yale University (24 and 25 November 1975). At last, the Kanzer Seminar in English! This beautiful text draws us in across the decades as Lacan tells us what drew him to psychoanalysis in the first place:  “I would like to address a question precisely to those who have chosen to establish themselves as psychoanalyst … and I will necessarily have to answer first.” We never hear a reply from the audience, but we do hear Lacan explain the difference between his own way into psychoanalysis (“I would say that I’m psychotic … for the sole reason that I have tried to be rigorous”) and that of Freud (“his way of approaching … was perfectly serious, consisting not in collecting writings [as Lacan had done] but in listening,” something that – paradoxically – turns into “a reading”). Lacan poses the question three times, and each time he gives a bit more of his own trajectory: “Certainly I came to medicine because I had the suspicion that the relations between men and women played a determining role in the symptoms of human beings…” Following the Kanzer Seminar are two short papers which were put together from notes; the first is from the Q&A session with students, where, again, the question is raised about how people are drawn into analysis. This time the question is raised about how people are drawn into analysis. This time the question is about how Lacan chooses his analysands. He replies that it is a question of the effort that will have to be made. An effort in relation to the symptom which, as he says in the Lecture on the Body, “is the most real thing that many people have.” Reading these three papers provokes further reflection on our relation to our symptoms and on the very singular way in which each of us in turn began a relation with psychoanalysis.

Janet Haney, The Lacanian Review No 12, 6th June 2022, p38



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