Yale University: 25th November 1975: Law School Auditorium: Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on November 25, 1975

This Text is part of the Conferences and Conversations in North American Universities.

iii. Yale University: 25th November 1975: Law School Auditorium

Translated by Jack W. Stone

Published by University of Missouri, M. I. T.: here

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A further translation

This is probably the text which is retranslated as

Yale University: Lecture on the Body : Jacques Lacan : Published Culture/Clinic : Issue 1 : May 2013

Published in French:

Title: 1975-11-25, Yale University – Law School Auditorium

Scilicet n° 6/7, 1975, p38-41


Published at ‘pas tout Lacan’ here

Available here

OR in French & English

Translations by i) Jack W. Stone & ii) Adrian Price & Russell Grigg

Published bilingual at  www.Freud2Lacan.com, available here


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