Geneva lecture on the symptom: 4th October 1975: Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on October 4, 1975

The conference announced under the title “The Symptom” was delivered at the Center R. de Saussure in Geneva on 4th  October 1975 as part of a weekend’s work organized by the Swiss Psychoanalytical Society. It was introduced by Mr. Olivier Flournoy.

In English

1)  Translated by Russell Grigg

Published: Analysis no. I (Melbourne: Centre for Psychoanalytic Research):

1989: p7-26.

Available at /lacan

2) Also, for Russell Grigg’s translation, available bilingual here

In French:

Conférence à Genéve sur le symptôme: Jacques Lacan

Published: Le bloc-notes de la psychanalyse, No 5:

1985: p5-23

Now published electronically at available here

Available to download from here


– ‘The Pinning of an Unmatchable, A Word from DOMINIQUE HOLVOET’

The pass constitutes the pinning of an unmatchable that could make its fundamental strangeness heard in the Other.  This strangeness is what Lacan called the sinthome, residue of the analysed symptoms, bone of the cure. The end is therefore not of the order of a last word but of a body event, because if “it is always with the help of words that man thinks […] it is in the encounter between these words and his body that something takes shape.”[1] It is a body event because it’s with his body that man speaks. Let’s be clear: it is not the body that speaks but language that speaks through the body. 

[1] Lacan, Jacques, Conférence à Genève sur le symptôme, Bloc note de psychanalyse, No. 5, p. 13. : or From p13 of Russell Grigg’s translation :   It is always with the help of words that man thinks. And it is in the encounter between these words and his body that something takes shape. Moreover, I would even use the term ‘innate’ in this respect-if there were no words, what could man bear witness to? This is where he places meaning.

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