Remarks following André Albert’s presentation : 14th June 1975 (Journées of the École freudienne de Paris) : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on June 14, 1975

Known as, On pleasure and the fundamental rule. 

Last sentence : Our intention is neither to lead someone to make a name for themselves nor to make a work of art. It’s rather something that consists in inciting them to pass through into the good hole of what is offered to them as singular. 

First published in the Lettres de l’École freudienne 24 (1978) : 22-24. Download in French here   

Published in French and English, translated by Adrian Price, from The Lacanian Review, issue 11, August 2021, p16-23 : See /Lacan

Also published in French & English & includes Jacques Lacan’s opening statement translated by Richard Klein : See #12 of  /Lacan

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