Joyce the Symptôm (Sinthôme) I & II : 16th June 1975 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on June 16, 1975

Conference given by Jacques Lacan in the large auditorium of the Sorbonne on the 16th of June, 1975

There are two texts from this conference. a) Joyce the Sinthome [Symptôme] I & b) Joyce the Sinthôme II. English translations for both are below.

Joyce the Sinthôme I

The text was established by Jacques-Alain Miller, partially from the notes of Éric Laurent.

1) Translated to English by Aaron Benanav

Published at ‘European psychoanalytic group for research and training on the causes of illiteracy’ : or

Available here

Also available  at  /lacan

2) Adrian Price’s translation is p141-148 of Jacques Lacan – The Sinthome – The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XXIII : Edited by Jacques-Alain Miller : Polity Press 2016

3) Translations by Dominique Hecq, Aaron Benanav, Adrian R. Price : at Richard G. Klein’s website,, available here

In French, published:

– L’âne, 1982, no. 6.

– Joyce le Sinthôme in Jacques-Alain Miller (ed.), Joyce Avec Lacan (Paris: Navarin éditeur, 1987)

Pas Tout Lacan : All the writtings of Lacan (in French) to download on “L’école lacanienne de Psychanalyse”


– From Joyce Avec Lacan (Paris: Navarin éditeur, 1987), p. 27 : Le frayage de Lacan aura été, me semble-t-il, de mettre au jour ce qu’il y a de proprement religieux dans la structure comme telle, et du coup, dans la psychanalyse elle-même (rapport du Nom-du-Père et de l’inconscient

– From Jack Stone’s Joyce/Lacan/SintHome Page : published at : Available here : Translated by Jack Stone :

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“. . . I would hope, if he were here, to convince him that that he wanted to be Joyce the Symptom, in that, of the symptom, he gives us the apparatus, the essence, the abstraction . . . The symptom is purely what lalangue conditions, but, in a certain fashion, Joyce carries it to the power of language, without forasmuch any of it being analyzable; it is what strikes, and literally dumbfounds (interdit) . . . But we can call it something else, and it is here that I today crown what it is with the Name-of-the-Father at the point (degré) where Joyce testifies to it–with what it is appropriate to call the sinthome. It is inasmuch as the unconscious is knotted to the sinthome, which is what there is of the singular for each individual, that one can say that Joyce, as is written somewhere, is identified with the individual (in English in the original).”
–Jacques Lacan, Joyce le Symptome I, June 16, 1975

Joyce the Sinthôme II

Notes given by Jacques Lacan to Jacques Aubert after the conference for publication of its papers. The two papers are very different.

From :

Il s’agit d’ un texte donné par J. Lacan à J. Aubert, à la demande de celui-ci, pour publication aux éditions CNRS, de sa conférence à l’ouverture du Symposium. le 16/06/1975. On notera l’écart entre les deux textes que sont Joyce I et Joyce II.


1) Joyce & Paris, ed. Jacques Aubert, Lille and Paris, CNRS, 1975

2) p565-570 of Autres Écrits: 2001 : Jacques Lacan See here for further information.

Available in French.

1) Here

2) As in Autres écrits : Available at  /lacan

Available in English

1) Translated by Adrian Price, p13-18 of  The Lacanian Review, Issue 5, July 2018

2)  Translated by Domenique Hecq

Both translations are published with the French text, at, available here

Referenced in :

Lacanian Biology and the Event of the Body : 12th & 19th May 1999 (Paris VIII) : Jacques-Alain Miller   or  here   : p5 of of Joyce the Symptôme II

English translations & French page numbers

p569 in Autres Écrits given in English translation by Adrian Price, here : Speaking through One’s Symptom, Speaking through One’s Body : 7th July 2012 (Lausanne) & 23rd November 2013 (Buenos Aires) : Éric Laurent or here


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Julia Evans

Practicing Lacanian Psychoanalyst, Sandwich in Kent & London


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