Note to the Italians : April 1973 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on April 1, 1973

“…does not for all that imply that just anyone is an analyst.

For what it enunciates it is that it is the analyst that is at stake, it presupposes that there is one of them.

To authorise oneself is not to auto-ri(tual)ise oneself.

For I have posed on the other hand that the analyst depends on the not-all.

Not every one (pas-tout être) who speaks can authorise himself to act as an analyst. The proof is that an analysis is necessary for it, even though it is not sufficient.

The analyst alone, in other words not just anyone, is authorised only by himself. “ from Cormac Gallagher’s translation,

This letter was addressed by Lacan in April of 1973 to three Italian psychoanalysts: Muriel Drazien, Armando Verdiglione, and Giacomo Contri, who wanted to create a group linked to the E.F.P. (from
It was first published in Italian in Spirale (No. 9, 1981)

This text affirms the importance of ‘la passe’ to any Lacanian school and briefly describes other tenets crucial to the formation of an analyst and the importance of ‘les passeurs’ in the procedure of ‘la passe’.  Although this is usually translated as the Italian Note, it is more accurate to state ‘Note to the Italians’


From Cormac Gallagher,, available here

This is one of three texts where Jacques Lacan deals with the structure of a psychoanalytic organisation:

Confusion over publication date :

There are two dates : April 1973 and 1974. This was probably put in place when published in French in 1982. I suspect that April 1973 is correct so this date is given.

Published in French :

– La lettre mensuelle de l’École de la cause freudienne 9 (1982) – dated 1974

– Note italienne : p5 of Ornicar? 25, 1982, Seuil – dated April 1973

École lacanienne de psychanalyse / pas tout Lacan  : the link, January 1974, does not display this text.

– at : available here : dated  1973

– at Patrick Valas’s website, available here : dated April 1974

– p307-311 of Autres Écrits: 2001 : Jacques Lacan : See here :  dated as 1973

Translated in English

– Translated by Jack W. Stone – dated April 1974

Published University of Missouri

Available here : No longer available,  See as given below.

– Translated by Cormac Gallagher as ‘Letter to Three Italian Lacanians: Contri, Drazien and Verdiglione’.

published at

and available here

– Bilingual, together with Jack W. Stone’s, Cormac Gallagher’s & Susan Schwartz’s  translation, published,, available here

– Note to the Italian Group, transl. by Russell Grigg in Analysis No.7, Centre for Psychoanalytic Research, Melbourne, 1997.


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