Intervention by François Recanati into Seminar XX : 12th December 1972 : François Recanati & Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on December 12, 1972

from p II 3 – II 42, translated by Cormac Gallagher :

Information & Availability Seminar XX: Encore: 1972 – 1973: from 21st November 1972 : Jacques Lacan or here

Published in French:

Scilicet (the journal of the École freudienne de Paris) : Vol 4 : 1973 : p55-74

Note: François Recanati had already spoken at Seminar XIX : 14th June 1972 : this is reported pXI 7 to XI 22 of Cormac Gallagher’s translation : Availability and notes Seminar XIX: 1971-72: …Ou pire …Or worse : from 8th December 1971 : Jacques Lacan or here


pII 3 : Jacques Lacan : Where in analytic discourse is the sublime of stupidity? This is why I am at the same time justified in putting to rest my participation in the stupidity in so far as it encompasses us here. And also to invoke whoever can on this point bring me the response of that which, no doubt in other field, but not altogether certainly, since it is a question of someone who listens to me here, and who by this very fact has been sufficiently introduced to analytic discourse. How this is, is what already at the end of last year I had the good fortune to hear from the mouth of someone who happens to be the same person. It is here that from the beginning of this year, I intend that someone should contribute at his own risk and peril. The reply of what in a discourse, specifically the philosophical one resolves, slants, goes its own way, opens it up from a certain status with regard to the slightest stupidity. Good! I give the floor to François Recanati whom you already know.

[Racanati’s long intervention is translated simply to give a flavour of what Lacan considered to be a worthy response to his teaching.]

François Recanati : I thank Dr Lacan for giving me the floor a second time, because this is going to introduce me directly to what I am going to talk about, in the sense it is not unrelated to repetition. But on the other hand, I would also like to warn you that this repetition is an infinite repetition, but that I am going to say will not be finite in the sense that I would absolutely not have the time to get to the end of what I have prepared. Namely, that here, in a way, that it is truly in the looping of a loop that the meaning ought to emerge of what I am going to bring forward in a preliminary way. Namely, that here I am going to be obliged, I believe, because of the time and unless I can take this up on another occasion, to stick to preliminaries, namely, properly speaking not to fully enter into this stupidity that Dr Lacan has been speaking about.

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