The Death is from the field of the Faith : 13th October 1972 (Louvain) : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on October 13, 1972

The title is not translated, so this is Julia Evans’ literal translation of ‘La mort est du domaine de la foi’

This text is the one transcribed from the tape‐ recording of the lecture Jacques Lacan gave in the great rotunda of Louvain University, 13 October 1972. Differences have been noted when compared to the video recording. The text appeared In Quarto (Belgian supplement to the Lettre mensuelle de l’École de la cause freudienne), 1981, n0 3, pp 5‐20.

Translated by Anthony Chadwick, bilingual version, 

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Note : Jacques Lacan refers to ‘The Case of Aimée, or Self-punitive Paranoia’: Jacques Lacan: 1932  see here 

Notes on the English translation from Bruno de Florence ( ) – May 2020

-André Jacob was an eminent French biologist, who mixed philosophy in his writings on biology, asking “what is life, actually, why is there life?”.

-On Note 4, re “le” or “la”: my Larousse dictionary of French language makes no mention of the word “chose” being used on its own as a masculine noun. However, has a compound locution (quelque chose), the entire expression is considered masculine & singular, e.g. UN petit quelque chose. If you take Lacan’s sentence where this Le La occurs, “C’est, vais‐je dire, le ou la, disons pour frayer, la chose, c’est la jouissance; mais si vous mettez la chose en 2 mots avec un petit trait d’union, c’est le joui‐sens.” I think Lacan anticipates his use of “joui-sens“, since he says “disons pour frayer” i.e. “let’s say to clear the path“.

-The video of Louvain is on:

The text transcriptions, both French & English, do not mention the way the young chap interrupts Lacan. His Belgian French accent, which is not that pronounced, indicates a middle class chap. A working class male would have much more pronounced “R”, almost guttural, as well as a different syntax in the composition of his sentences.


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