Schizophrenia, A Philosophical Reflection on Lacan’s Structuralist Interpretation : 1972 : Alphonse de Waelhens 

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1972

Schizophrenia, A Philosophical Reflection on Lacan’s Structuralist Interpretation : 

by Alphonse de Waelhens : 

Translated with introduction, notes and bibliography by W. ver Eeke : 

1976 (Originally published 1972) : Duquesne University Press, Pittsburgh

Originally published as ‘La Psychose’ : 1972 : Editions Nauwelaerts, Louvain

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Author’s Foreword                                                                                         pix

Translator’s Preface                                                                                        pxiii

Translator’s Introduction                                                                                p1

Chapter One. 

Some Classic Psychiatric Conceptions of Schizophrenia                              p27

1.         Kraepelin, Emil                                                                                  p27

2.         Bleuler, Eugen                                                                                                p32

3.         Minkowski. Eugene                                                                            p35

4.         Berze, Josef                                                                                        p37

5.         Binswanger, Ludwig                                                                          p41

6.         Szondi, Leopold                                                                                  p45

Chapter Two. 

The Acession to Language and Primal Repression. Their Failure in Schizophrenia p49

I.          Language and Experience                                                                  p49

II.        Repression of Immediacy and Primal Repression                              p52

III.       Failure of Primal Repression                                                              p56

IV.       The Sibling or the Incarnated Mirror-Image                                      p76

V.        The Lived Body Schema                                                                    p79

Chapter Three.

The Structural Role of the Oedipus Complex. Absence of the Oedipal Triangle in Psychosis                                                                                                         p82

I.          The Psychotic and the Oedipus Complex. A Case Study: the Electrician of Rotterdam                                                                                                       p82

II.        The Elements of the Oedipus Complex                                              p88

III.       The Unconscious and the Primacy of the Signifier                            p92

Chapter Four.

Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Psychosis. The Paternal Metaphor and Foreclosure p97

I.          Paranoia (Schreber)                                                                            p97

II.        Freud’s Study about Narcissism                                                         p106

III.       Other Relevant Studies by Freud                                                       p110

IV.       Lacan’s Study of the Case of Schreber: General Point of View        p114

V.        Lacan’s Study of the case of Schreber: New Theoretical Contribution p123

VI.       The Eruption of Psychosis and the Concept of “A-Father”               p133

VII.     The Relative Role of the Mother and Father in Psychosis                 p136

Chapter Five.

Concluding Reflections on the Problem of Psychosis. Psychoanalytic and Existential Criteria of Psychosis                                                                                              p140

I.          The Five Structural Charateristics of Schizophrenia                          p140

II.        Foreclosure and the Distortion of Language                                      p142

III.       The Four Remaining Structural Characteristics of Schizophrenia     p145

IV.       The Paranoiac                                                                                     p149

V.        Schizophrenia and Paranoia                                                               p155

VI.       Paraphrenia                                                                                         p156

VII.     Manic-depressive Psychosis                                                               p161

Chapter Six

Existential Elucidation of the Unconscious and of Psychosis                        p163

I.          Introduction. The Disappearance of the Primacy of Consciousness. (Kant, Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty)                                                   p163

II.        Preliminary Considerations on the Unconscious, Language, and Reality p169

III.       An existential Interpretation of the Unconscious and of Psychosis   p182

IV.       Transcendence of Man and Its absence in the Schizophrenic                        p194

V.        A Structural Interpretation of the Oedipus Complex                         p210

VI.       Central Role of Language                                                                  p214

Conclusion                                                                                                      p218

I.          Delirium and the Problem of the Real                                                p218

II.        Philosophy and Mental Illness                                                           p224

III.       Philosophical Results                                                                         p225

Bibliography                                                                                                   p229

Notes                                                                                                               p240

Index                                                                                                               p257


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