On the Greek Conception of Education and the Teaching of Psychoanalysis : 17th April 1970 (Paris) : Jacques Lacan  

by Julia Evans on April 17, 1970

Intervention on the talk by Philippe Rappard: “On the Greek conception of education and the teaching of psychoanalysis” at the Congress of the Freudian School of Paris on “The teaching of psychoanalysis”, in Paris on the 17th of April 1970 

Published in Lettres de L’Ecole de freudienne (1971) 8 p2-10.

Bilingual, translated by Robert Groome, see www.freud2Lacan.com   /lacan   / 81 De la conception grecque de l’éducation et de l’enseignement de la psychanalyse

Those involved

Philippe Rappard (1927‐ ). He defended his thesis in 1955 on “Psychotherapeutic clubs ‐ Medical‐legal study”. Honorary hospital psychiatrist, former intern at Henri Ey (CTRS in Bonneval), Philippe Rappard was head of department at Étampes and head doctor of the Sarreguemines psychiatric hospital. Clinical teaching director at CHU Pitié‐Salpêtrière as well as lecturer at the Pitié‐Salpêtrière hospital college. Former member of the first international conference on the psychiatric treatment of criminals and delinquents (WHO, Copenhagen, 1958), technical advisor to various associations of users of psychiatry, former member of the Freudian School in Paris, he collaborated on numerous works (Political madness, Psychiatry and ethics …).

Among his publications: La Folie et la Etat; La Raison psychiatrique et la raison juridique (with Monique Bucher‐Thizon); L’État et la psychose; Les étranges relations de Jacques Lacan et de Henry Ey; Le corps et la cohésion du mental en psychiatrie et psychanalyse; Folie et société civile.

Jean Oury (1924‐‐2014) was a French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, analyzed by Jaques Lacan from 1953 to 1981, who helped found the school of institutional psychotherapy. He was the founder and director of the psychiatric hospital La Borde clinic at Cour‐Cheverny, France where he worked until he died. He was a member of the Freudian School of Paris, founded by Jacques Lacan from inception until its dissolution. His brother, Fernand Oury, founded the school of institutional pedagogy. 

His books include: Création et schizphrénie; Onze heures du soir à La Borde essai sur la psychothérapie institutionelle; L’aliénation; Recontre Avec Le Jap. Jean Oury A Okinawa, Kyoto, Tokyo (Psychothérapie Institutionelle). 

Ginette Michaud (1932‐‐ ). Ginette Michaud studied medicine and interned in psychiatry. In 1950, she completed a master’s degree and a DES in psychology at the Sorbonne, then obtained a diploma in philosophy. Close to Lucien Sebag and Félix Guattari, in 1955 she began her work at the La Borde clinic with Jean Oury. She also worked with François Tosquelles and participated in the establishment of the Institutional Psychotherapy and Sociotherapy Working Group (GTPSI). She became a psychiatrist in 1969, then, completed a teacher‐researcher course which led her to become a professor of psychopathology and psychoanalysis at the University of Paris Diderot. She also teaches psychiatry at the Broussais‐Salpêtrière medical school and is a founding member of Euro‐psy.

Analyzed by Jacques Lacan from 19571 to 1971 then by Joyce McDougall from 1971 to 1975. She followed with her control analyses with Irène Perrier‐Roublef, Gisela Pankow, Salomon Resnik, Herbert Rosenfeld and Jacques Lacan. She participated in the seminars of Jean Oury, Salomon Resnik, Gisela Pankow and she participated in the seminars of Françoise Dolto at the Trousseau hospital. She belonged successively to different Lacanian or post‐Lacanian societies, the Freudian School of Paris, the Center for training and psychoanalytic research (CFRP) then Espace analytique. 

Her books include: Figures de reel: clinique psychanalytique des psychoses (with Jean Oury); Essai sur la schizophrénie et le traitement des psychoses; Battements du Secret littéraire: Lire Jacques Derrida et Hélène Cixous, tome 1; Laborde…un pari nécessaire: De la notion d’institution, à la psychothérapie institutionnelle; Joyce (Littérature) (with Sherry Simon);


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