General Purport of a conversation with Jacques Lacan : December 1969 : Anika Lemaire

by Julia Evans on December 1, 1969

Appendix to :‘Jacques Lacan’ :1970 : Anika Lemaire : See below for the Contents

p249-253 of Anika Lemaire’s ‘Jacques Lacan’ :

‘Appendix : General Purport of a conversation with Jacques Lacan’ :

translated by David Macey :

published by London, Routledge and Kegan Paul : 1977 :

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– In French :

Teneur de l’entretien avec J. Lacan : in Anika Rifflet-Lemaire : Jacques Lacan : Bruxelles, Pierre Mardaga, 1970 : p401-407

– Note :

Quoted by Jacques Lacan in Seminar XVII : 14th January 1970 : p40 of Russell Grigg’s translation : p IV 3 of Cormac Gallagher’s translation : It is at Louvain that a thesis has been written on what is called, perhaps inappropriately, my ‘work’. Let us not forget that this thesis is a university thesis and that things must be put forward in a university style, and the least that can be said is that my ‘work’ lends itself badly to it.

Fuller quote, see Seminar XVII: Psychoanalysis upside down/The reverse side of psychoanalysis: 1969-1970 : from 26th November 1969: Jacques Lacan or here

Contents  of ‘Jacques Lacan’ : 1970 : Anika Lemaire

Preface by Jacques Lacan : pvii

Information here : Preface to ‘Jacques Lacan’ by Anika Lemaire : 25th December 1969 : Jacques Lacan or here

Foreword by Antoine Vergote :  pxvi

Acknowledgments : pxxiv

Introduction : p1

Synthesis of Lacanian thought : p6

Part One
Some elements and some problems of general linguistics

1 Debates as to the nature of the linguistic sign and
their methodological consequences : p12

2 The two great axes of language : p30

Part Two
Lacan’s use of the general data of linguistics

3  The Lacanian perspective in linguistics : p38

4  Philosophy of language in Jacques Lacan : p51

Part Three
The constitution of the subject by accession to the symbolic – the Spaltung – the role of the Oedipus in this transition

5 The Spaltung  : p67

6 ‘Splitting’, otherwise known as ‘Separation’ (Introduction to the alienating identifications, the imaginary
and the neuroses) : p72

7 The role of the Oedipus in accession to the symbolic : p78

Part Four
The engendering of the unconscious by primal repression (or accession to language) in accordance with the process of metaphor

8 The constituting metaphor of the unconscious : p96 : Chapter available on request

9  Critical study of the article, ‘The unconscious: a  psychoanalytic study’ by J.. Laplanche and S. Leclaire. Clarifications as to Lacan’s thought : p113 : Chapter available on request

Part Five
 The elementary signifiers constituting the unconscious

10 The unconscious as second structure : p35

11 The elementary signifiers of the unconscious : p139

12 Structure, organization and functioning of the unconscious order in Freud : p153

Part Six
 The transition from lack to desire and to demand

13  From need (or lived lack) to the instinct and desire:
accession to language : p161 14  From desire to demand : p169

15  The dialectic of identifications : p176

Part Seven
 The mechanisms of the formations of the unconscious: structure and organization of the unconscious signifying network

16  The revelatory formations of the unconscious : p187

17  The mechanisms of the formations of the unconscious. Displacement and condensation or metonymy and 
metaphor : p191

l8 Analysis of unconscious formations following metaphoric and metonymic processes : p206

Part Eight
 The general conception of the cure in Lacan

19  Language: the primordial indicator of truth in the
analytic cure : p215

20  The role of the analyst : p217

21 Transference : p220

22 Interpretation : p223

Part Nine
 The Lacanian conception of neurosis and psychosis

23  Neurosis : p227

24  Psychosis : p230

Conclusion : p247 : available on request

Appendix: general purport of a conversation with Lacan in December1969 : p249

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Bibliography : p254  : Available on request

Index : p261

In French :

Teneur de l’entretien avec J. Lacan : in Anika Rifflet-Lemaire : Jacques Lacan : Bruxelles, Pierre Mardaga, 1970 : p401-407


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