Note on the Child : October 1969 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on October 1, 1969

Published in English:

1) Translated by Russell Grigg

Published: Analysis No. 2 1990, Melbourne Centre for Psychoanalytic Research, Deakin Printery, Australia

Available at  /lacan

2) Note : This text was first known to French readers as two separate notes, before being brought together, as they are in this English version, when Jacques-Alain Miller edited the Autres Écrits collection in 2001. Prior to Jacques-Alain Miller’s careful revision, these two texts, taken as distinct from each other, produced a disjunction between two elements that precisely needs to be considered together in the analytic practice with children: on the one hand, the family structure; and on the other, the child’s symptom.

Translation by Russell Grigg: From Autres Écrits : 2001 : Edited by Jacques-Alain Miller

Published : The Lacanian Review/Hurly-Burly, ‘Family Dramas, Family Traumas’, Issue 04, Winter 2017, p13-14

Available at  /lacan

This includes a commentary by Daniel Roy

3) The text as translated by Russell Grigg, Analysis 2 1990, & by Natalie Wülfing , Psychoanalytic Notebooks No. 20 Spring 2010, is published bilingual at, available here

In French:

  1. a)  Originally published as “Deux notes sur lʼEnfant”, Ornicar? No. 37 (1986), pp.13-14.
  2. b)  Also published as : Note sur l’enfant : Autres Écrits : Jacques Lacan : Publisher, Paris, du Seuil: 2001: p373-375
  3. c)  Electronically:

Title: 1969-10-00, Deux notes à Jenny Aubry

Published at École Lacanienne de la Psychanalyse, here

Available here or here: Deux notes à Jenny Aubry (2 p.)


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