Interview : The Psychoanalyst’s Point of View, “Neuroses and Psychoses: Where Does Abnormal Begin?” : Published on 13th May 1968 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on May 13, 1968

Published in French

Le point du vue du psychanalyste au dossier de Tonus : « Névroses et psychoses. Où commence l’abnormal ? » in Tonus, n° 331, pp 2-3.

Electronically at École Lacanienne de la Psychanalyse here and available: here

Published in French & English, translated by Duane Rousselle, at, available here


On a question preliminary to any possible treatment of psychosis : December 1955-January 1956 [1958] : two most important parts of Seminar III : Jacques Lacan: See here

On Narcissism – an Introduction : March 1914 : Sigmund Freud: See here

Loss of Reality in Neurosis and Psychosis : 1924 : Sigmund Freud, SE Vol 19 p181-187

The Direction of the Treatment and the Principles of its Power:10th-13th July 1958 : Jacques Lacan   or here


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Julia Evans

Practicing Lacanian Psychoanalyst, Sandwich, Kent & London


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