Seminar XV : The Psychoanalytic Act : 1967-1968 : begins 15th November 1967 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on November 15, 1967

English translation:

By Cormac Gallagher

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In French:

Séminaire XV : L’Acte Psychanalytique : 1967-1968 : Jacques Lacan

This remains unpublished though there are versions available.  

Dates of Sessions:

15th November 1967   Chapter I

22nd November 1967   Chapter II

29th November 1967   Chapter III


Quote from pIII 11 of Cormac Gallagher’s translation in The Logic and Surprises of Supervision at the Time of the Parlêtre : 7th March 2015 (Italy) : Éric Laurent or here

The Paradoxes of Transference : 15th February 2014 : Miquel Bassols or here

6th December 1967      Chapter IV

10th January 1968       Chapter V

17th January 1968       Chapter VI

24th January 1968       Chapter VII

31st January 1968        Chapter VIII Note: Jacques Lacan did not attend this “seminar”. Among those who participated in the discussion were: C. Melman, G. Michaud, J. Oury, P. Lemoine, F. Tosquelles, J. Rudrauf, X. Audouard, I. Roublef, E. Lemoine, T. Abdoucheli, C. Conté, J. Ayme, M. Noyes, L. Mélèse, C. Dorgeuille, F. Guattari, J. Nassif and others.


The Symbolic Order in the XXI Century: Consequences for the Treatment: July 2010: Éric Laurent (This reference needs checking)

7th February 1968       Chapter IX

21st February 1968      Chapter X

28th February 1968     Chapter XI (truncated)

6th March 1968           Chapter XII

13th March 1968         Chapter XIII

20th March 1968         Chapter XIV

27th March 1968         Chapter XV

8th & 15th May 1968   Notes from Lacan’s intervention during the strike by the S. N. E. S. (the union of teachers in higher education)

19th June 1968             Annex I

Annex II Logics of Phantasy

Annex 3  :  Lacan’s summary of the seminar of 1967-1968 for the Year Book of the École Pratique des Hautes Études : Sent on the 10th June 1969

This was republished in Autres Écrits: 2001 : Jacques Lacan : Information here : See Summary of Seminar XV, 1967-1968, The Psychoanalytic Act : 10th June 1969 : Jacques Lacan or here