‘Structure: Human Reality and Methodological Concept’ :18th October 1966 (Baltimore, USA) : Lucien Goldman with Comments by Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on October 18, 1966

Presented at an international symposium, taking place from on 18th to 21stOctober 1966, entitled ‘The Languages of Criticism and the Sciences of Man’, at The Johns Hopkins Center, Baltimore, USA.

Presenter : Lucien Goldman

Description of Lucien Goldman as in 1970

Lucien Goldman:, Directeur d’Études in the VIe Section of the École Pratique des Hautes Études, and a member of the Institut de Sociologie (Brussels), is the author of ‘La Dieu caché’, a crucial book in developing his “structuralisme génétique.” He was visiting professor at Hopkins the first term of 1966-67.

Title: Structure: Human Reality and Methodological Concept & Discussion of both Donato & Goldman’s contributions

Full text available here.

Partial text with full discussion, including Jacques Lacan’s interventions, available here.

Jacques Lacan’s intervention, published by École Lacanienne / pas tout Lacan : available here,

or available here

All the contributions to this symposium are published in : ‘The Languages of Criticism and the Sciences of Man : the Structuralist Controversy’ : 18th to 21st October 1966 (Baltimore, USA) : Richard Macksey & Eugenio Donato (Eds) : The Johns Hopkins Press Baltimore and London: 1970

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