The place of psychoanalysis in medicine : 16th February 1966 (La Salpetrière, Paris) : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on February 16, 1966

Conference and debate of the College of Medicine at La Salpetrière: 

Published in Cahiers du collège de Médecine 1966, p761-774

Translated Richard Klein, checked Andrew Stein, published bilingually at /Lacan (29. La Place de la Psychanalyse dans la Médecine)

This includes interventions by Marie Jenny Emilie Aubry (née Weiss; (1903 –1987) who was a French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Mr. H. P. Klotz, & Mr. M. P. Royer.

Quoted in How to swallow the medication? : 2004 : Éric Laurent  See


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