Seminar XIII : The Object of Psychoanalysis : 1965-1966 : from December 1st 1965: Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on December 1, 1965

Title: Seminar XIII: The Object of Psychoanalysis: 1965-1966:

Presented by Jacques Lacan


1) Seminar XIII began on 1st December 1965. This first session has been published as ‘Science and Truth’. See Science and Truth: 1st December 1965 session of Seminar XIII: The Object of Psychoanalysis : Jacques Lacan or here

2) For the summary, see Report from the Seminar ‘Object of Psychoanalysis’ (Seminar XIII) : July 1967 : Jacques Lacan  or here

3)  P219-220 of Autres Écrits: 2001 : Jacques Lacan, see here

Translation into English:

Cormac Gallagher’s translation of Seminar XIII : The Object of Psychoanalysis

Published at and

Available here.


Session Headings, Commentaries & References:

General Commentary:

Lacan and Topology by Bruno de Florence : 8th October 2011

1 December 1965 (I) Science and truth

Translation of this session not included on See here  

Bruce Fink’s translation of ‘Science and Truth’ is published in ‘Newsletter of the Freudian Field 3 (1989) p4-29 : See below for availability

8 December 1965 (II) The subject and lack

15 December 1965(III) Topology and the subject

22 December 1965 (IV) A Green on the o-object (JE:usually translated as the a-object)

5 January 1966 (V) The o-object (JE: usually translated as the a-object)

12 January 1966 (VI) Subject of science and of psychoanalysis

19 January 1966 (VII) Mirror stage and the Divine Comedy

26 January 1966 (VIII) Discussion on Conrad Stein‟s work

2 February 1966 (IX) Pascal‟s Wager I

9 February 1966 (X) Pascal‟s Wager II

25 February 1966 (XI) LACAN ABSENT

23 March 1966 (XII) Lacan on America

30 March 1966 (XIII) Topological discussions

20 April 1966 (XIV) Summary of Crucial Problems; Jouissance

27 April 1966 (XV) Jones’ Female sexuality

4 May 1966 (XVI) Visual structure of the subject

11 May 1966 (XVII) Perspective: Las Meninas I

18 May 1966 (XVIII) Michel Foucault: Las Meninas II

25 May 1966 (XIX) Summary of Object of Psychoanalysis; Las Meninas III

JE suspects that this is the session which is included in ‘Autres Écrits’ : 2001 as ‘L’objet de la psychanalyse’ :  p 219-220 : see  Autres Écrits: 2001 : Jacques Lacan  or here or it may be the summary – see above for details.

1 June 1966 (XX) Re-thinking Freud; Las Meninas IV

8 June 1966 (XXI) Jouissance and castration

15 June 1966 (XXII) o-objects; Safouan’s case

Le Séminaire XIII: L’objet de la psychanalyse: 1965-1966: unpublished in French

It is available through  here.


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