Presentation on the ‘Entwurf’ and the relation to reality : 2nd December 1959 : Jean-Bertrand Lefèvre-Pontalis

by Julia Evans on December 2, 1959

Seminar VII : Presentation (in French) on the ‘Entwurf’ (Project for a Scientific Psychology: Sigmund Freud : here) and the relation to reality : 2nd December 1959: Jean-Bertrand Lefèvre-Pontalis

This presentation is referred to in Seminar VII : 2nd December 1959 : p38 of Dennis Porter’s translation, but it has not been included in the translation.  The following text is in French and is published by Association Freudienne Internationale (Charles Melman)

Mr Lefèvre-Pontalis’s presentation is available here  or at  /authors by date (1959) or authors a-z

Note: Bruno de Florence who found this text (thank you, Bruno) offers to be the plus-one to a translation cartel.

Seminar VII, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis : Session of 2nd December 1959 : see Seminar VII: The ethics of psychoanalysis: 1959-1960: begins 18th November 1959 : Jacques Lacan or here  : Ch 3, p38 of Dennis Porter’s translation, paragraph 5 & 6 : Quote : I, therefore, had no difficulty remembering – it is something of which I am painfully aware – that this seminar is a seminar, and that it would be a good idea if it were not simply the signifier “seminar” alond that maintained its right to such a denomination. That is why I asked one of the two people to come and tell us the thoughts inspired in him by the way in which I related the subject of this seminar to the ‘Entwurf’. You will hear that,  Jean-Bertrand Lefèvre-Pontalis, but his colleague, Jean Laplanche, and he are currently equally on top of the ‘Entwurf’, a work that, as Valabrega noted just now, you really have to have fresh in your memory, if you are to say anything valid about it. Is that really true? I don’t know, for one ends up realizing that it’s not as complicated as all that.

Mr Lefèvre-Pontalis:  “There is a slight misunderstanding that I would like to clear up. I am by no means a specialist of the ‘Entwurf’ and I haven’t reread it – I am in the process of reading it. Dr Lacan asked me to go over a number of points made in his seminar last week, including especially the question of the relation to reality, that he described as particularly problematic, if not downright paradoxical, in this early text of Freud.”

Jacques Lacan then comments on this presentation.

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