Evolution de la psychanalyse : 1956 : Maurice Bénassy

by Julia Evans on January 3, 1956

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p761-784 of La psychanalyse d’aujourd’hui, Work published under the direction of S. Nacht in collaboration with M. Bouvet, R. Diatkine, A. Doumic, J. Favreau, M. Held, S. Lebovici, P.Luquet, P. Luquet-Parat, P. Male, J. Mallet, F. Pasche, M. Renard, Preface by E. Jones

and J. de Ajuriaguerra, G. Bordarracco, M. Benassy, A. Berge, M. Bonaparte, M. Fain, P. Marty, P.C. Racamier, M. Schlumberger, S. Widerman ; P.U.F ; 1956

Commentaries on Jacques Lacan & Sacha Nacht

– See here, in the end note, for a historical perspective of Jacques Lacan’s relationships with this group.

What is concealed by the so-called “Cht” and why? : 9th March 2019 : Réginald Blanchet or here

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La Psychanalyse des Enfants : 1956 : Serge Lebovici, René Diatkine, Jean Alphonse Favreau. Patrick Luquet et Catherine Luquet-Parat [J. Luquet-Parat]  or  here

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Jacques Lacan comments

Commented on by Jacques Lacan in

– Seminar IV : 21st November 1956 : p3 of Earl’s Court Collective translation : ECp3 :  ‘you will see promoted that relation of object which is expressly posited in the article titled ‘Evolution de la psychoanalyse’9 ‘

– & 21st  November 1956 EC p7 This emphasis placed over [sur] the environment, this reduction which all analytic experience gives, has something which is a kind of return to the well and truly objectifying position which sets in the first groundwork [au premier plan] the existence of a certain individual and a more or less adequate relation [relation], more or less adapted to its environment; this is something that is articulated in these terms from page 761 to page 773  of the collection we were just talking about. – Seee from the beginning of the text to the end of section titled ‘Third Period’.

Availability Seminar IV : The Relation of Object and Freudian Structures 1956-1957 : from 21st November 1956 : Jacques Lacan or here


Notes & References for Jacques Lacan’s Seminar IV : 21st November 1956 by Julia Evans on 28th February 2017 or here

Historical perspective:

Originally in French, in a collection of studies published by Dr S. Nacht by the Bibliotheque De L’Institut de Psychanalyse de Paris.

The relationship between Sacha Nacht & Jacques Lacan

Adapted from ‘Chronology: p209 to 211 of Dany Nobus: ‘Jacques Lacan and the Freudian Practice of Psychoanalysis’: Routledge: 2000:

1952, Summer:  Sacha Nacht (1901-1977), president of the SPP, presents his views on the organization of a new training institute (Institut de Psychanalyse).

1952, December:  Nacht resigns as director of the Institute, and Lacan is elected new director ad interim.

1952-1953:  Lacan’s seminar on Freud’s case of the Rat Man.

1953, 20 January:  Lacan is elected president of the SPP. Creation of the Société Française de Psychanalyse (SFP) by Daniel Lagache (1903-1972), Françoise Dolto (1908-1988) and Juliette Favez-Boutonnier (1903-1994); Lacan joins soon after.

Then …

1959, July: the SFP renews its request for affiliation to the IPA. Nomination of a committee of enquiry.

1961, August: the SFP is accepted as an IPA Study Group on the condition that Lacan and Dolto are progressively removed from their training positions.

1963, August: the IPA stipulates that the SFP will lose its status if Lacan continues to be involved in training matters.

1963, 19 November:  a majority of SFP members decide to accept the IPA recommendation.


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