Translation of Heidegger’s essay on ‘Heraclitus Logos’ : Winter 1956 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1956

Published in La Psychanalyse, Vol 1 p59‐79. 

Logos (Heraklit, Fragment 50) was first presented by Martin Heidegger in a lecture on 4th May 1951 at the Bremen Club. It was first published in a Festschrift für Hans Jantzen, edited by Kurt Bauch; Berlin; Mann (1951) p7‐18. 

See  /lacan  /6 – Jacques Lacan’s translation of Heidegger’s essay on Heraclitus, Fragment B50, Logos-trilingual (Ger-Fr-Eng),  for the original German/ French by Jacques Lacan & English translation by David Farrell Krell and Frank A. Capuzzi. 


Heidegger’s Essay on the Logos of Heraclitus – an Introduction : 31st December 2021 : Mario L. Beira – See beginning of  /lacan   / 6

At the end of Mario Beira’s commentary, there is a note commenting on Jacques Lacan’s translation by Dany Nobus.  

Tracking Jacques Lacan’s development in using ‘logos’ : 30th October 2013 : Julia Evans, See here  


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