Some Reflections on the Ego (London) : 2nd May 1951 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on May 2, 1951

“Some reflections on the ego” was read by Jacques Lacan at the British Psycho-Analytical Society Congress on 2nd May 1951.


The International Journal of Psycho-Analysis : Volume 34(1) : p11-17 : 1953

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Bilingual version

See Richard G. Klein’s website,, available here

Richard G. Klein’s notes:

The following French text is from pas-tout Lacan and was originally published in Le Coq-Héron under the title: « Quelques réflexions sur l’ego », 1980, n° 78, pp. 3-13. ​It is a translation of the English text originally published in the IJAP​, ​1953, v.34, pp. 11-17,​ by Nancy Elisabeth Beaufils.

The English text is from IJPA, 1953, v.34, pp. 11-17. Lacan actually went to England to present this paper on 2nd May 1951. Lacan, probably with the help of Wladimir Granoff wrote this paper in English.

Reference to Sigmund Freud : Beyond the Pleasure Principle: 1920g


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