Presentation on Psychical Causality : 28th September 1946 (Bonneval Hospital, Paris ) : Jacques Lacan 

by Julia Evans on September 28, 1946

Time-line: This presentation was given on September 28, 1946, at the psychiatric conference held in Bonneval. It was published in [Evolution Psychiatrique Xll, I (1947): p123-65, and in] a volume entitled Le Problème de Ia psychogenèse des Névroses et des psychoses (“The Problem of the Psychogenesis of the Neuroses and Psychoses”), by Lucien Bonnafé, Henri Ey, Sven Follin, Jacques Lacan, and Julien Rouart (Paris: Desclée de Brouwer, 1950), p23-54

Note : Jacques Lacan’s phrase the ‘unfathomable decision of being’ : p177 of French Écrits, p145 of the English Écrits, Bruce Fink translates as ‘unsoundable decision of being’. This appears to be a mistranslation.

Published, Écrits, Jacques Lacan, The first complete edition in English : translated by Bruce Fink : W.W. Norton & Co : 2002 : p123-187

Translated by Bruce Fink : Available  /lacan (September 1946)

Also in Écrits : 1966 : Jacques Lacan : See here  


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