An unknown autobiographical fragment by Freud : 1946 : Siegfried Bernfeld

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1946

Bernfeld. Siegfried : ‘An unknown autobiographical fragment by Freud’ : The American Imago : Vol 4 : 1946 : p3-19 :

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References to Sigmund Freud:

Note these are given to the German edition and time is too short at the moment to find the English texts. Information about availability in English is given at Sigmund Freud’s texts available electronically or here

Quote: Freud’s paper on Screen-memories (Ueber Deckerinnerungen, 1899), (9) contains a delightful and remarkable dialogue between Freud and “a man of thirty-eight, with academic training,” who had overcome “a slight phobia through psychoanalysis.”

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Commentary by Jacques Lacan :

Seminar II : 9th March 1955 : p114 to p116 of Seminar II: The Ego in Freud’s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis: 1954-1955: begins 17th November 1954 : Jacques Lacan : Information here

Quote from p114 of Sylvana Tomaselli’s translation : … but the very structure of the text, enabled Bernfeld to show that it couldn’t be a real dialogue with a real patient, that it had to be a transposition


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