Logical Time and the Assertion of Anticipated Certainty – A New Sophism : March 1945 : Jacques Lacan

by Julia Evans on March 1, 1945

Introduction : Jacques Lacan

In March 1945,Christian Zevos asked us to contribute, along with a certain number of writers, to the revival issue of his journal, Les Cahiers d’Art, conceived with the aim of filling the space between the figures on its cover, 1940-1944, dates significant for many people, with the illustrious entries which make up its table of contents.

We submitted this article, knowing full well that this would be tantamount to making it immediately unfindable.

May it resound with the right note here where we place it, between the before and the after, even though it demonstrates that the after was kept waiting [faisait antichambre] so that the before could assume its place [pût prendre rang]. [Note: A reference, at least in part, to the placing of this particular article in the body of the original French version of the Ecrits, Seuil, 1966]

Translated into English:

– by Bruce Fink & Marc Silver: Published Newsletter of the Freudian Field : Vol 2(2) : p4-22 : 1988

Available www.LacanianWorksExchange.net / lacan

– by Bruce Fink in Écrits, Jacques Lacan, The first complete edition in English : W.W. Norton & Co : 2002 : p161-175 : Information here 


A bilingual text (French & English) is available from www.Freud2Lacan.com, translated by Marc Silver & Bruce Fink, available here

In French:

Le temps logique et l’assertion de certitude anticipée , Un nouveau sophisme :

– Probably Les Cahiers d’Art : 1945

– Écrits : Paris, de Seuil : 1966 : p197-213 : Information here

– Pas Tout Lacan: Published at École Lacanienne de la Psychanalyse – Pas Tout Lacan (here): This site has been redesigned and I cannot find this text on it. The nearest is here

Quotations available

p16-17 of Bruce Fink’s & Marc Silver’s translation quoted Discourses that kill : 1st December 2018 : Thomas Svolos  or here


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