Die zweierlei Mechanismen der Identifizierung : 26th April 1936 – Basel : Gustav Hans Graber

by Julia Evans on April 26, 1936

Vortrag, gehalten am 26. April 1936 auf der Tagurg der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Psychoanalyse in Basel zur Feier des 80. Geburtstages von Prof. Sigm. Freud. – Wiederholt am 4. Oktober 1936 in der Deutschen Psychoanalytischen Gesellschaft in Berlin.

Lecture given on April 26, 1936 at the Tagurg of the Swiss Society for Psychoanalysis in Basel to celebrate the 80th birthday of Prof. Sigm. Freud. – Repeated on October 4, 1936 in the German Psychoanalytic Society in Berlin.

Note : Jacques Lacan delivered an early version of The Mirror Stage (See Mirror Stage: 16th June 1936 (Paris), 3rd August 1936 (Marienbad), 1938, 17th July 1949 (Zurich), 1966: Jacques Lacan  or  here) to the Fourteenth International Congress of Psychoanalysis in Marienbad (2nd to 8th 1936) with Ernest Jones presiding. There is clearly a relation between this paper & Jacques Lacan’s presenting in Marienbad.  Both presentations are against a background of the politics in Germany & Switzerland in 1936.  Jacques Lacan, in choosing this paper in 1957, is not acting in the off the cuff manner, he appears to suggest.

Published in German :  Imago, v23(1), p24-48, 1937

There is no known English translation

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Cited by Jacques Lacan

Para 22 of Seminar IV : 6th February 1957  

If we ask for something more, we get an article like the one written by Gustav Hans Graber, “The two Types of Identification Mechanism” [Les deux espèces de mécanismes d’identification] in Imago, 1937,

See Seminar IV : The Object Relation & Freudian Structures 1956-1957 : begins 21st November 1956 : Jacques Lacan or here 

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