On Nightmares : 1931 : Ernest Jones

by Julia Evans on January 1, 1931

Published International Psycho-analytical Library, The Hogarth Press, 1931

P13-54 ‘Pathology of the Nightmare’ (1910) available at www.LacanianWorksExchange.net  /authors a-z or authors by date

As quoted by Jacques Lacan

See Seminar X: The Anxiety (or Dread): 1962-1963: begins 14th November 1962: Jacques Lacan    or here     

– p61 of Adrian Price’s translation = Seminar X : 12th December 1962 &

pV 41 of Cormac Gallagher’s translation : Quote Seminar X : 12th December 1962 : To jump to a completely different order, I would evoke here the most massive, unreconstituted, ancestral experience, rejected onto the obscurity of ancient times from which we are supposed to have escaped, a necessity which unites us with these ages which is still current and which very curiously we speak about only very rarely: it is that of the nightmare. One asks oneself why for some time, analysts interest themselves so little in the nightmare.

I introduce it here because it is going to be necessary all the same for us to remain on it this year for a certain time and I will tell you why. I will tell you why and where to find the material, because if there is already on this question an already established and very remarkable literature, to which you should refer, it is – however forgotten it may be on this point – it is namely Jones’ book on the nightmare, a book of incomparable riches. I recall to you the fundamental phenomenology. I am not dreaming for a moment of eluding the principal dimension: the anxiety of the nightmare is experienced properly speaking as that of the jouissance of the Other. The correlative of the nightmare, is the incubus or the succubus, it is this being who weighs with his whole opaque weight of alien jouissance on your chest, who crushes you under his jouissance

Well then, to introduce ourselves from this important angle into what the thematic of the nightmare will bring us, the first thing in any case which appears, which appears in the myth, but also in the phenomenology of the nightmare, of the nightmare as experienced, is that this being who weighs down by his jouissance is also a questioning being and even properly speaking, one who manifests, deploys himself in this complete, developed dimension of the question as such which is called the riddle. 

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