A contribution to the study of shell shock, Being an account of three cases of loss of memory, vision, smell, and taste, Admitted into the Duchess of Westminster War Hospital, Le Touquet : 15th February 1915 : Charles S. Myers

by Julia Evans on February 15, 1915

Published : The Lancet 13th  February 1915 p316-320

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Section 9, 10 & 11 refer to cases during or caused by war, of Chapter VI  Misreadings and Slips of the Pen, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life : 1901 : Sigmund Freud

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Introduction to Psycho-Analysis and the War Neuroses (1919) & Memorandum to a Commission set up by the Austrian War Ministry in the following year (1920): Sigmund Freud, SE XVII p205-215    See here  

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Traumatic cures – Shell Shock, Janet, and the Question of Memory  by Ruth Leys, p103-151, Chapter 5 of ‘Tense Past – Cultural Essays in Trauma and Memory’ : edited by Paul Antze & Michael Lambek, Routledge 1996 ;  This chapter is a shortened version of a paper that appeared in Critical Inquiry 20 (Summer 1994) : p623-662

The treatment of cases of shell shock in an advanced neurological centre : 29th May 1918 : William Brown  or  here   

British Psychiatry and the War: 1947: Jacques Lacan  or here   

The Real and the Group : 2000 : Éric Laurent or here        


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