On Narcissism – an Introduction : March 1914 : Sigmund Freud

by Julia Evans on March 1, 1914

Translated by James Strachey


– Standard Edition SE XIV p67-102 :

– Penguin Freud Library : vol 11 On Metapsychology : p61-97

Freud finished writing this in March 1914


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Referenced by Jacques Lacan

Paragraph 21 of Seminar IV : 19thDecember 1956 : Information Seminar IV : The Object Relation & Freudian Structures 1956-1957 : begins 21st November 1956 : Jacques Lacan : Available, together with some notes and references, here

P95 of Dennis Porter’s translation of Seminar VII : 13thJanuary 1960 : Information Seminar VII: The ethics of psychoanalysis: 1959-1960: begins 18th November 1959 : Jacques Lacan or here


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